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Space Is Cool As Fuck

Creative Direction & Book Design


  • Creative¬†Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Book Design
  • Cover Design
  • Illustration
  • Art Curation


Space Is Cool As Fuck is a coffee table art and education book published by Pantera Press. The 274 page book, consisting of 55 chapters, covers topics from aliens and the Big Bang, to Carl Sagan and Tycho Brahe, and even includes an interview with Bill Nye. Pantera Press wanted the book to be exciting, fun, and crazy showing the magical, wonderful infinity of the possibility of space, whilst maintaining a cohesive and marketable look and feel.

As well as designing the contents of the book, I also sourced and curated the book’s artwork including works from artists such as Chrissie Abbott, Haha, Uno Moralez, Cal Sino, and Sam Songailo. I wanted the book to be crazy and sporadic but at the same time beautiful and polished, making sure the design¬†complimented the artist’s work. This was achieved through the use of varied title pages, while maintaining a cohesive colour scheme and structure.