Promo Videos


  • Design
  • 2D Animation


For the game between the Warriors and Wolves, agency Mix Tape Club were asked to create retro arcade promos. With Creative Director, Felipe Posada and other talented illustrators, animators and designers, we created a series of promotional videos for various outputs.

My role primarily involved creation of the titles and typography, designing the compositions and UI, and animating UI elements.

Agency: Mix Tape Club
ECD: Chris Smith
EP: Jesse Casey
Producer: John Holt
Creative Director: Felipe Posada
Designers: Barry Bruner, Cynthia Larenas, Juan Monasterio, Felipe Posada
2D Animation: Cynthia Larenas, Brian Sensebe, Juan Monasterio, Felipe Posada
Cell Animation: Whitney Theis, Andy Kennedy, Mary Varn
Editor: John Holt
Sound Design: Mix Tape Club